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St Tiernachs Park Clones GAA

St Tiernach's Park is the principal GAA stadium of Ulster GAA located in County Monaghan, Ireland in Clones. This stadium is used to host the Ulster Football Final in recent years. Alongside the stadium, there is a substantial carpark that required lighting. With the expensive cost of digging and ducting, Econ Solar were approached for a solar alternative for this job.

While initial drawings and plans were in place, a site visit was carried out to provide an exact quote and an explanation as to the type of light that would be used along with further information on the solar products available. This allowed for Noel and Colin to identify the type of light that would be used at the facility, which would be a 400Watt Solar Light 400 Watt Solar Light | Econ Solar Solutions. Furthermore, it was established that steel barriers would be required at the base of the lights.

Following on from the site visit, an official tender process was followed in which Econ Solar won the contract as it was grant funded. On receiving the contract work commenced within three works and the carpark was solar lit within three days of initial groundworks starting. Providing a cost friendly and environmentally friendly solution for St Tiernachs Park. 

If you have a carpark that requires solar lighting, contact Kieran on 0876180941

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