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Kilmaley Gaa, Co.Clare

Kilmaley Gaa Club recently completed a 1.1km walkway which around, two playing pitches,the clubhouse and up along by the entrance and carpark. 


This was completed through Clár Funding, following the development of the walkway, solar lighting was installed to ensure locals from the club and community could access the facility later in the evening. 


Kilmaley used a range of lights around the walkway, for the most part, the 200 Watt Solar Flood Light was used. 

This light offers a range of functions including 3hour/5hour and 8hour options along with the on/off function.

5 hours of natural light is required for charging. 

A link to the lights are available here:


Also from our Solar Flood Light Range, the 300 Watt and 400 Watt lights were used in various areas. The 400 watt light was used to light the carpark while also lighting the walkway, while the 300 Watt light from a distance back was used to brighten one corner where it would be difficult to get a lot of sunlight. 


Kilmaley saved on additional poles where possible, bracketing on to the clubhouse and astroturf.


On completion this is a fantastic facility for the club and the community going forward.

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