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Ramor United GFC - Cavan

Based in Virginia in Co. Cavan, Ramor United contacted us to complete a solar lighting project around their 450metre running track, along with this, Ramor wanted to update their Carpark and Driveway Lighting. With the assistance of grant aid from Leader Funding and the Community Recognition Fund.





Ramor GFC have carried out a fantastic development for the community. With their new 450meter track which is now available to the local community, until 10pm as a result of installing solar lights.




This work was completed in two stages, the first fix comprised, erecting 5metre poles around the perimeter of the track, while on the driveway, poles were clamped to the wall. Also existing infrastructure, such as the astroturf was used to bracket some of our lights. Ramor chose a selection of lights, the main light for the track was the 60Watt Integrated which operates at 100% for 3 hours and switches to 20% thereafter offering a sensor option to power back to full brightness when someone is walking or running around the track.


60W Integrated Street Light | Econ Solar Solutions




Next, at the far end where there was extended space back from the walkway, a 200 Watt Solar Flood Light was used, this has a 3hour/5hour/8 hour setting on it to allow clubs choose how long they want lights on for, these are set via remote and turn on via photocell each day, meaning you only need to set these lights once to twice a year if you want to.

Solar Flood Lights 200Watt (New Spec) | Econ Solar Solutions



In the carpark, Econ double used some poles, while also bracketing on to the Astroturf to light the carpark with our 400 Watt Solar Floodlight, the results of this as you can see are impressive from the drone photos included. This light operates in the same way to the 200 Watt above and is perfect for carparks or club houses.

400 Watt Solar Light | Econ Solar Solutions


If you would like a quotation for your club, you can contact Kieran on 0876180941 where we can discuss various options and a site visit for you. Visit for more information

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