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Kilmovee, Co. Mayo

Kilmovee Community Housing Ltd, purchased a field adjacent to their Community Centre and are developing supported living accommodation for elderly & vulnerable people in the area. The site which includes ten “two bedroom” houses that is built around a communal garden area. . Features of the development include a playground and a 1km loop walk which is lit with Econ Solar 200 Watt Flood Lights.





These lights were installed right around the 1km loop with poles being double used in places. The 200 Watt Flood Lights offer a range of functions including 3hour/5hour and 8hour options along with the on/off function. 5 hours of natural light is required for charging. A link to the lights are available here:  

Solar Flood Lights 200Watt (New Spec) | Econ Solar Solutions


This project is an ambitious and exciting project, it is of great benefit to some of the most vulnerable and at risk amongst the elderly in the area, while the track and outdoor gym also offers fun and recreation for younger people and a place for exercise for all.

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