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Moorepark Food Research Centre Fermoy

With ongoing developments at Moorepark Food Research Centre Fermoy, the need arose to provide a sustainable, solution for a walkway that would require no ducting and no extensive digging.

On consulting Teagasc on our initial site visit, it was established that a light was needed which would provide a lighting solution from dusk till dawn as employees work late and arrive early.

We provided a number of options with Kealan from Teagasc choosing our 50 Watt Street Light which can deliver light for 14 hours based on a 6 hour charging time.



Product Link: 50W Street Light | Econ Solar Solutions













50 watt.webp

The job was completed in three stages:


  1. Following on from choosing the most suitable light we commenced groundworks on site, digging 6 holes at 20 metre intervals where we would erect 5 metre galvanised poles.


2. Putting the 5 metre galvanised poles into our concrete base.


3. Second fixing our lights to our galvanised poles. This was completed less than a week after our groundworks.

The main benefits of this work to Moorepark Food Research Centre Fermoy

  • No follow on ESB Costs.

  • No large scale digging or disruption.

  • No expensive ducting.

  • Lighting which is 50% of the cost of traditional lighting.

  • A sustainable solution to a lighting problem that arose.

  • Three-year warranty on these lights.

If you have a job that you want to get a quote on please contact us on 0852249507 or email us photos of the job


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