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Gracefield GAA Co. Offaly

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Gracefield Gaa Club in Co.Offaly set about creating a health campus in 2023 for their local community.

This involved access to their state of the art gym while also allowing access to the clubs walkway which is 1115metres in length. To ensure a better experience for the community, Gracefield Gaa set about installing walkway lighting. 

This walkway lighting was completed over three days by Econ Solar, having viewed different options available, Gracefield Gaa chose our 200 Watt Solar Light which has a 3hour/5hour/8hour option.

To reduce costs and to use existing infrastructure, the clubs stand and current poles were used. This required wrap around brackets as described by Eoin in the video attached. This infrastructure was used along with additional 5 metre Galvinised Poles, with 1 metre set in concrete and the other 4 metres above ground. 

The panel is set at a 30degree pitch, south facing to ensure optimum light during the day. As can be seen in the videos attached, the red dots indicate the level of charge, when all four dots are red, the light is at full charge. Natural light is more than enough to allow this in our Irish climate. 

With no energy costs, cheaper installation and no maintenance, now is the time to move to solar. 



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