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The system consists of a solar array, a permanent magnet pump and a permanent magnet solar pumping inverter. This system is based on the design philosophy that it is easier to store water than electricity. The pump, driven by a brushless DC motor, can draw water from deep wells, rivers or lakes to fill storage tanks or reservoirs, or can be directly connected to an irrigation system.


There is a 24 Month Warranty with this solar pump.



Highly efficient brushless DC motor requires less solar array.

 Optional centrifugal pump for large flows and helical rotor pump for large gradients.

 Highly efficient semiconductor device used in the main circuit. 

 Dynamic VI maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm. Fast response and good stability. 99% MPPT efficiency.

 Full automatic operation. Integrated with water level monitor to prevent overflow and dry running.

 Supports PV input anti-reverse connection, over-current, over-voltage and under-voltage protection.

 Full aluminum alloy case. IP52 protection grade. (up to IP65 for PM400D)

 Ambient temperature: -20~+60℃. Ambient humidity ≤95%.

 PM400D with DM series data monitor interface equipped to realize remote monitoring and control of the system through RS485 interface.

Solar Pump System 600W

Tax Included |
  • AN600HS solar pump system
    3pc 350w solar panel
    1pc 600w solar pump inverter 1pc 600w solar pump
    1set solar panel rack
    1pair MC4 connector 20m cable                                                                       24 Month Warranty

  • This product will be delivered by us personally, we can offer instalment of this product also for an additional cost.

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