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About Us

The story of ECON Solar Solutions…


Founders Eoin, Donnacha, and Kieran all childhood friends saw the gap in the market after traveling to a wide variety of countries where solar energy was being used as a power supply. Furthermore, Eoin, a qualified electrician with 10 years of experience was meeting clients who had properties away from their electrical grid struggling to get power, this resulted in wire-free solar energy being the best solution.

Econ Solar Solutions’ vision is to introduce readily available, easy to use solar energy alternatives to Ireland. Whether it be to light up a driveway, farm shed, or car parks there is an affordable solar solution for all your needs. 


Doing so we aim to work towards a community completely independent from fossil fuels by helping people understand the importance of environmental protection, realize the advantages of solar power systems, and promote the incentives and rebates from governmental renewable energy policies. It has been predicted that Ireland will reach a 70% renewable electricity share come 2030, this figure will never be achieved if not committed to by civilians and small businesses arounds the country. This is not the only incentive to switch to solar where possible, reports at the end of 2021 found Irish unit electricity prices are among the most expensive in Europe, at an average value of €0.19 per kWh and this is only expected to increase as we truly recover from the Covid-19 pandemic. Current prices are now sitting as high as €0.32 per kWh which is an alarming rapid increase. Overall cost of living is going to continue to increase and we have no control over that, but now you can control your outdoor lighting costs easily.

Implementing solar lighting and pumping systems only demands capital investment, there is no need to worry about electricity price inflation, only daylight - which isn't going anywhere. These affordable, sustainable and reliable solutions are not to be missed! 

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